Anthony Astige | (510) 982-6603
Full stack web developer 10+ years including LAMP, Meteor, & MERN
CEO experience 4+ years with my own small web development firm
Currently focused as a front end ReactJS engineer



Sole engineer and designer for these sites including any database, server side management, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Freelance site with broader portfolio -


Business Skills

Management (human resources, operations, project management, ...), Information Technology (computer repair, networking, general software, ...), Legal (contract drafting, agreement strategy, statute research, ...), Quickbooks & basic accounting, Spreadsheets (Google Sheets, Open Office, Excel), Simple B2B Marketing (Craigslist ads, SEO, PPC, ...), Sales (lead generation, taking calls, setting up processes, ...), Social media (Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, …...)


Studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley | |